The Brand New Panasonic Mini Ice Food Freezer

Sep 15, 2022

Mini ice

The Brand New Panasonic Mini Ice Food Freezer

During the epidemic, to minimize the risk of infection, citizens choose to cook at home rather than dining out. Therefore, the storage of frozen food at home increased. Refrigerators in the market are generally too small to fulfil the needs of users. Hence, many families purchase an extra mini freezer to store the frozen food.

Features of Panasonic Mini Ice

Panasonic Mini Ice adopts the direct cooling design with reliable temperature and moisturizing. Users can adjust the temperature depending on their own needs. The temperature could be kept at -20 degrees or below, which is suitable storage for frozen meat & ice-cream. Besides, the Mini Ice is slim design with top solid sliding lid, which is convenience to use. It would be delicate to put the Mini Ice in the living room or kitchen.

Two capacities are available: 43 L and 58 L.

Why choose Panasonic Mini Ice

Freezer, as a kind of major appliance, the quality of the product is extremely important as it directly affects the product lifetime and maintenance fee.

Panasonic Mini Ice provides 1-year warranty, users could also register online to enjoy the warranty from the manufacturer.

More information:

Mini Ice SCR-CDS46-HK

Mini Ice SCR-CDS68-HK