"Resyone Plus" Robotic Care Bed/Wheelchair




  • Resyone Plus relieves the burden on caregivers and improves users’ quality of life.
  • The new idea of integration of “electric care bed” and “wheelchair” assists you out of bed with ease every day.

  • Robotic Care Bed - Looking for a comfortable way for both users and caregivers.

  • Electric Reclining Wheelchair - Comfortable and safe, easy to go

For families' users

  1. More opportunity to get out of bed and let the user have more fun in life.
  2. As the bed can become a wheelchair, no more transfer and feel safe.
  3. As the user can enjoy more life experience, it will make the families feel relief during the visit.

For Caregivers:

  1. One caregiver can handle the transfer. Transfer time can be reduced to half.
  2. Less burden on the waist and psychological burden on getting hurt and falling are reduced by approximately 80%.
  3. Less space is required as a single unit is equipped with multi-functions.

For Facility operators

  1. As the transfer assistance becomes more efficient, it contributes to the quality of caregiving.
  2. Physical and psychological burden can be reduced and such may help caregivers stay at their jobs.
  3. Advance equipment may contribute to the recruitment of new caregivers and encourage more people to move into the facility.

"Resyone Plus" Robotic Care Bed/Wheelchair
Resyone Plus
Maximum body weight of user100 kg
Mattress DimensionMattress (Length)1970 mm
Mattress (Width)920 mm (Bed),460 mm (Wheel Chair)
Mattress (Height)100mm (urethane 3 layer structure) (Bedsores guide: ~ Stage II)
Bed with Wheel Chair
Dimension of BedLength of Bed2075 mm
Width of Bed1003 mm (Bed unit), 1009 mm (combined with Wheel Chair)
Height of Bed799 - 1079 mm
Dimension of BottomLength of Bottom1945 mm
Width of Bottom890 mm (including Wheel Chair)
Head raising angle0 - 70°
Foot raising angle0 - 28°
Bottom height455 - 735 mm
Caster diameter100 mm
Power220VAC 50Hz
Power Consumption200W
Weight164 kg (including Wheel Chair)
Wheel Chair
Wheel Chair DimensionLength of Wheel Chair (sitting state)1178 mm
Width of Wheel Chair (sitting state)554 mm
Height of Wheel Chair (sitting state)1236 mm
Seat surface Dimension of Wheel ChairWheel Chair seat surface height425 mm
Wheel Chair seat surface width430 mm
Back raising angle0 - 75°
Caster diameter150 mm
PowerDC24V (with Lead Storage Battery [2Ah], power charger)
Weight50 kg
Optional AccessoriesFitted sheet PN-S106032HK(2 sheets per set)
Siderail PN-S106042HK(2 units per set)
Overbed-table VA1316039HK
Power Outage Battery Kit (for bed) PN-S106041HK

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