How does Green AC manage water hygiene?

Biofilms formed in the tube, equipment, or mist nozzles are the potential frisk of bacterial growth, and it is formed when there is residual water in the system. Green AC (Flex) discharges remaining water in the system with high-pressure air before the operation stops. As a result, it keeps the tube, equipment, and the nozzles dry and minimizes the risk of bacterial growth.

Is there a risk of clogging?

​Calcium deposits are the main cause of the clogging. Our two-fluid mist nozzles push water out from the nozzle before the operation stops, so calcium does not buildup and minimizes the risk of clogging.

What is SET*?

​SET* is a temperature metric that factors in relative humidity, mean radiant temperature, and air velocity, while also considering the anticipated activity rate and clothing levels. SET* is essentially a comprehensive comfort index that endeavors to incorporate all six basic physical factors of thermal comfort as well as physiological considerations.

What's the cooling effect?

It is able to make one feel cooler about 4℃ down at a distance of approximately 60cm from the mist nozzle (based on the Standard new Effective Temperature- SET*).

What is the purpose of this product?

Originally, it was developed as a preventive measure from heat-related illness such as heat stroke. Japan is getting warmer due to Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect and about 50,000 to 90,000 ambulance transports are counted every summer for people suffering from heat stroke. So Panasonic developed this product to cool one down that does not worsen the UHI effect.

What makes Green AC special?

One of the most important feature is that the mist particle is only about 6 μmeter. This is achieved by using two-fluid nozzle which uses water and air to generate mist. Conventionally, this type of two-fluid nozzle required large scale infrastructure and big energy consumption and not possible for the control panel to be placed outdoor. However, with improvement to the nozzle technology, we could develop a compact and energy-saving system (70% less compared to the conventional types) that can be used outdoors.

Another unique point is that mist volume is adjustable without changing the nozzle or other components.

How green is this compare to normal air cons?

Outdoor heat pump Air Con emits waste heat that are generated from the compressor and cooling component whereas Green AC flex’s waste heat is generated from compressor only. With lesser waste heat, all energy can be used for evaporation that in turn is converted to cooling effect to cool down the human body directly with the mist. Lesser waste heat also does not worsen the urban heat island effect.
Outdoor heat pump Air Con contains refrigerant R32 which creates higher global warming potential, whereas Green AC flex only utilizes water as refrigerant.

What is the impact on the environment?

​It does not worsen urban heat island effect and global warming potential.

Is it possible to use Green AC indoor?

​Yes, it is possible. The humidity increase may damp the floor, but it can be used by controlling the humidity increase (ventilation or dehumidification) or by taking measures to prevent the floor from getting damp and slippery.

What is the pressure requirement for both water and air tubes?

0.8Mpa​ (Reference) PISCO website: